Between 2004-2012 Chris & Jonathan Lightbody built first4care from 19 ambulances to over 130 and a team of 30 staff to more than 170 before selling the business to SRCL Limited in July 2012. first4care was the first of SRCL's many acquisitions that were rebranded ERS Medical and now operate throughout the UK as one of the leading Ambulance Services.

Looking back at the 2 years since re-acquiring our Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport business from ERS Medical we've achieved quite a lot:-

  • Our team of Drivers & Attendants has grown from 59 to 85;
  • We've bought 26 vehicles - doubling the fleet to 52; whilst also decommissioning some of the older (from the original first4care era) vehicles;
  • Contract awards have been a tremendous success – winning over 20 new contracts in 2016 alone!
  • We've redeveloped our SEN training so it's more fit for purpose and ensures our team remains safe whilst delivering outstanding care and support to our service users;
  • Having gained Care Quality Commission accreditation, first4care's tremendously well respected Patient Transport Services have recommenced with our youngest-ever fleet of PTS vehicles. If we can garner, just some of, the respect first4care had before selling in 2012 we will be effectively delivering a responsive, well-led, caring and safe service.

Turning the business round continues to be a challenge but we're pleased that we are on the right track with some great successes under our belts, but there's a lot of hard work ahead. Hard work never scared us though! We're determined to rebuild first4care and a provide our team with opportunities for personal growth and reasons to be proud of themselves and their Company.

We're hopeful that we can emulate our previous success and we'll be trying very hard to ensure we do!

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